Alive and Surviving in Stockton

When others ask where I am from, I generally respond “To what year are you referring?” Ohio, Kentucky, Ohio, Delaware, California, Washington, California, Washington, Oregon, California. Quite a collection of states. That doesn’t list the different cities in each state. I moved in the most part to follow Tish, my first wife who was following her mother. Following Tish’s death in 2009 and my retirement in 2011, I remarried. Wanda and I had many attributes in common but I was having difficulties still dealing with Tish’s death and ended burning my bridges with Wanda. Too much alcohol and too much attitude. We still communicate however.

I managed to obtain a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Dayton and later a MBA from same. I attempted to pursue a PhD from Capella University and managed to complete all courses, passed the Comprehensive Exam, and was very close to finishing my dissertation when Tish died. I couldn’t go back.

Most of my employment life was focused on community mental health. Primarily in crisis intervention and inpatient services. I did obtain a Licensed Psychiatric Technician designation in California which allowed me to function at the same level as an LPN. I was designated as eligible to involuntary commit to psychiatric inpatient units. As well as acting as medication nurse in psychiatric hospitals and certain outpatient mental health clinics. My final position was a Neuropsychometrist with the U.S. Army at Ft. Lewis, Washington. I retired after 12 years of dealing with soldiers with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury, among other brain affected issues. Following retirement I married Wanda and we owned an estate sales business in Laguna Hills, CA. In 2018 we filed for a legal separation. The whys and wherefores are not relevant to this screed, just the comment that alcohol and behavior on my part was a major contributor. In February, 2018 I self-enrolled in Alcohol Rehab.

I am in Stockton, CA because after 90 days in Alcohol Rehab I needed a place to live and since daughter Jessica lived in Alameda in the Bay area, a location that is way beyond my financial ability, Stockton was the closest town I could afford. So I moved here not knowing anyone. After 2 years I have established a social network, more superficial than concrete but still expanding and solidifying. I suspect that, absent a large lottery windfall, Stockton will be my terminal address.

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