I never promised you a cactus garden

As I age I am finding that my body has a magnetic attraction to the ground. By this I mean that it seems to want to rapidly change from an upright position to a supine one. Most frequently the change in position occurs with rapidity, without intent or volition. I have fallen on my backContinue reading “I never promised you a cactus garden”


My new Girlfriend has been offering me the ability to expand my physical activity from couch potato to worldwide explorer. Hmm! Given that she has visited every continent, hiking most of them, climbed mountains, slept out doors at Burning Man, and camped on a calving ice flow in the Antarctic, I ask you, how willContinue reading “ATTACK OF THE CARNIVOROUS TENT”

Thoughts on a Doppelganger

According to the dictionary, a doppelgänger is is a biologically unrelated look-alike, or a double, of a living person. I am sure that most of us have had someone tells us that we resemble some other person of their acquaintance. Or someone we have just met will comment that they are certain that they haveContinue reading “Thoughts on a Doppelganger”

Chicken Little vs Alfred E Neumann

Chicken Little vs Alfred E Neumann  Sometimes my little brain reverts to periods in my past, oddly enough conjuring up memories that seem to make sense in today’s environment. What is more bizarre is that I combine these memories, meld them together and come to some semblance of an explanation for current events. Usually theseContinue reading “Chicken Little vs Alfred E Neumann”

What’s in a Birthday?

What’s in a birthday? Upon waking up this am, it dawned on me that my 74th birthday was just a few days away. So what is in a birthday? I have had 73 others so one would expect that I could expound on the meaning and ramifications of these annual events. I suppose that IContinue reading “What’s in a Birthday?”

Building a Family

Epiphanies don’t come on command, most arrive without an announcement. Actually, they usually occur silently, under cover, obscured by some other issues. Its only when one has a moment of quiet, when focused on some other issue, that they manifest themselves. Indeed, epiphanies will frequently appear as if they are emerging from a fog insteadContinue reading “Building a Family”


The NFL football season began this past weekend. As I sat watching injury upon injury it struck me that the most frequent comment from the talking heads was the suggestion that the player might not get to return to the field. The next most frequent comment was the speculation of what the inability of theContinue reading “PLAYING THRU THE PAIN”

Some Flowers Shouldn’t Be Picked

Some Flowers Shouldn’t Be Picked A while ago a new flowering plant appeared in a neighboring garden. The leaves were a tangle of frond-looking leaves. The flower showed a Mediterranean color. It appeared to be affable and sensuous at the same time. As it waved in the breeze, one could almost hear it say,  “LookContinue reading “Some Flowers Shouldn’t Be Picked”


Wth social distancing, we have been ensconced in our little worlds, to which we react with anger at the movement and social limitations the coronavirus response of government seems to provoke. We absorb every little nuance of the media explosion, unable to ferret out the reality from the misdirection. We sit in front of theContinue reading “TIME BY TIME”