Resurrection Cat

I ought to have written this post around Easter time but didn’t, oh well! Before we had the 22 cats (yes that’s correct, 22 cats loose indoors) Tish visited a local vet looking for a kitten. She returned home with Casey. A butterscotch colored male with Mane Coon features, longish hair and a wandering personality. Continue reading “Resurrection Cat”

Booze and Losses

Booze and Loss Emotions are some of the primary triggers for substance abuse, whether or not one has been a chronic substance abuser.  As humans we tend to avoid emotions. They can be slimy, hurtful, exasperating, and more. But they can also be pleasant, attractive, and positive. The latter emotions we pursue, the former weContinue reading “Booze and Losses”

How to Bathe a Cat

Why in the world would anyone think of bathing a cat? Almost another pet is fair game. Cats? Hell no! However I must confess I have bathed cats more than 100 times. Call me a masochist if you will, but it was more in line of being a dutiful husband. Tish was want to bringContinue reading “How to Bathe a Cat”

Freedom To vs Freedom From

On the national, state, and local scene we are witnessing a conflict between a number of factions. One on hand there are those who advocate “freedom to”, on the other there are persons who advocate “freedom from”. These positions are fluid however, with members of each faction crossing the divide to use the arguments ofContinue reading “Freedom To vs Freedom From”

An Alcohol Success

I opened up my credit union account early this afternoon when I returned home after an invigorating Pickleball session to find that some toe rag had paid Neiman Marcus over $1500 from my account. I immediately called the credit union and reported the fraud. It will be reversed and hopefully the thief will be foundContinue reading “An Alcohol Success”

Sherlock the Clueless Bassett Hound

I need to preface this post with the declaration that I have never been fond of animals. That began with my paternal grandmother’s rat terrier, a small but vicious creature which always seemed bent on devouring my ankles. Woe be to the person who attempted to dissuade the dog from taking a chunk out ofContinue reading “Sherlock the Clueless Bassett Hound”

Serendipity and beyond

Today I was able to play picklebll again. All my peeps were available and game was on. The new Oxford University Dictionary defines serendipity as “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” That we are able to play is certainly serendipitous. The stay at home orders had eliminated almost all ourContinue reading “Serendipity and beyond”

The Bright Red Dot

Pickleball was cancelled for today and tomorrow – Saturday and Sunday. Sadness reigned. My knees and several muscles will get a respite, so I have that to console me. As the day wore on an unwanted feeling began to creep over me. It took a while to identify it as obsession. It is uncomfortable. IContinue reading “The Bright Red Dot”

Missing Hugs

I was advised to write my blog entries as a stream of consciousness. Whenever I have done that in writing or conversation I have irritated some one. Stream of consciousness for me has always meant loose associations, sometimes very loose associations. On the other hand my psychologist reflects that I am very cerebral, which meansContinue reading “Missing Hugs”